Sweet Tooth

I have to confess I’m not that much of a cake person. I prefer a savoury treat almost every time. But I appreciate the beauty of a cake as much as the next person. Particularly at a wedding. I always go and hunt down the cake at my earliest opportunity to get a shot of it before we start poking knives into it!

So I decided, that it was my duty, as a wedding photographer, to compile a little list of the top 3 wedding cakes I’ve had the honour of shooting (and not necessarily tasting) so far…

At Number 3, Mr and Mrs King’s dual combination of (my personal favourite) a ‘cheese’ cake and Pork Pie stack was just a sight to behold earlier this year.

At Number 2, Mr and Mrs Stickings’ tower stacked high with chocolate brownies and rocky roads. Amazing. And beautifully presented.

Cake - Stickings7649

And rocking in at Number 1, Mr and Mrs Rungrojkitiyos. I don’t think I need to explain why this topped my chart, do I? Just omg. (There were a lot of guests).

Cake - Rungrojkitiyos3375

Think your wedding cake could make my mouth water more? I’d love to come and take a photo of it. I can eat a slice too, if you really twist my arm, so drop me a line at rachaelincephoto@gmail.com to let me know when it’ll be served up!


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