A Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Vikki and Adrian made a whole weekend of their wedding celebrations in August because they wanted to keep it simple and stress free.

Recovering from a brain aneurism meant Adrian needed to take it easy so Vikki arranged their ceremony for a Thursday, a family get together for Friday and a reception party for the Saturday.

Their wedding photography covered the ceremony, followed by group and couple photographs in the grounds at County Hall in Leicestershire. A rainy morning cleared up beautifully for them and the sun shone on the happy couple and their guests.

There was some raw emotion on display at this wedding. Vikki had obviously been very worried about Adrian’s health and was taking good care of him. But he was also taking a great care over her emotions as she herself had been on an amazing voyage of discovery in the preceding year.

Since discovering her biological father the year before, Vikki had met him and also two sisters she hadn’t previously known of. They were all there and her father looked proud as punch to be walking her down the aisle.

Love is a great healer and I was honoured to be involved in such a meaningful coming together of family and friends. I wish Adrian and Vikki a long, happy and healthy marriage.


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