Newborn Photography – What you can expect

A new baby can turn your world upside down. Those first few weeks can be as scary as they are exciting. So when you book your newborn photoshoot with me, I aim to make it as relaxing an experience as possible for parents and baby alike.

I will come to your home in Leicestershire, bringing everything I need with me. I expect to be with you for at least two hours and am happy to stay much longer if that’s what it takes. Sometimes, babies just want to work on their own schedule and will not be persuaded otherwise!

I only ask that you make the room lovely and warm (it needs to be far warmer than we’d want it!) and keep distractions (older children, visitors, pets, telly) to a minimum so that we have the best chance of a settled, possibly even sleeping, happy baby.

We can book your photoshoot date as soon as you have a confirmed due date (after your first scan) or soon after the baby has been born, if I still have availability. 1-4 weeks old is the ideal age.

Dummies are wholeheartedly welcomed as a VERY useful aid in calming a baby to sleep. I may also use some white noise (from an app, not an actual vacuum cleaner/washing machine) too.

Your £50 payment covers the photoshoot itself. Within this, I hope to get photographs of your new little person both alone and with any older siblings or with parents if you would like. Then a gallery of around 20-30 images will be available for you to choose your final prints. You can purchase one of three simple print packages,  with optional canvas and digital upgrades available. More details can be found here.

Just drop me a line (07968 055098) to book in, I can’t wait to meet your precious little bundle and have a snuggle!



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