Bridal Preparations

I’ve had a couple of forthcoming brides enquire about photography of the bridal preparations recently. It’s a wonderful addition to your wedding photos, so I thought I’d share the morning of Katie and Krin’s wedding with you to give a little insight into what goes on!

Katie, her two bridesmaids (one, her twin sister, don’t let that confuse you!) and parents, spent the morning of her summer wedding in a beautiful city centre boutique hotel. They were attended to like royalty by a hairdresser and beautician. There was an air of excitement, but it was also a very relaxed, fun and friendly affair.

As a wedding photographer, I love to be involved in this stage of the day. It gives a chance to get to know some of the wedding guests and build up a rapport ready for the main group photographs after the ceremony. But there is also a huge opportunity here to capture some of the small details that make every wedding unique. The dress hanging awaiting its bride. The shoes, jewellery and freshly delivered bouquets. They all add some beautiful incidental images that can later be used as backgrounds in a photo album or just to serve as a timeless reminder for the happy couple.

There are also the key moments that occur during the morning. The giving of gifts. Mum’s tears as she realises her baby is all grown up. Dad’s first sight of his angel, radiant in her bridal gown. All can be captured and immortalised.

Of course, every wedding is different. Every couple has their budget and their own requirements. But if you’re thinking about having a photographer with you for the preparations too, I hope Katie’s images will inspire and convince you it’s a worthy investment.

From a Leicestershire wedding photographer to the future bride and groom, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Rachael x


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