A Wedding Photoshoot

Amy and Chris had a wonderful wedding day in January. However, the rug was pulled from  underneath them a couple of weeks later when their photographer, a family friend, was burgled. His cameras, laptops and hard drives were all taken, leaving Amy and Chris with just the one wedding photo he had sent through to them as a sneak peak.

In a bid to recover them, their story appeared in the Walsall Advertiser and on BBC Midlands Today hoping that someone may know something about the whereabouts of the photos.

In the meantime, I had offered the couple a wedding photoshoot so that although they may not have professional photos from the day itself, they would at least have some keepsake images and something to hang on the wall of their marital home. With most of their family over this way, we decided to do the photoshoot in Leicestershire and were thrilled that the Quorn Grange Hotel allowed us to use their grounds. Thankfully the weather stayed dry, and was somewhat warmer than their wedding day too, so we largely kept to the beautiful grounds.

Chris and his best man hired their suits again from Christopher Scotney in Leicester. Amy’s florist made her bouquet and a buttonhole for Chris again and Serah Eames of The Rural Retreat stood in last minute to do Amy’s hair and make up. With all this preparation, Amy messaged me on the day saying how excited and also nervous she was! It almost felt like the wedding itself was happening all over again.

Well we had a lovely relaxing time in the gardens, I recall a lot of giggling, and captured something really special which they will show to the grandchildren one day whilst recalling the tragic story that preceded it. On behalf of the bride and groom, I’d like to thank all those people that made this photoshoot possible. It really meant the world to them and I was so honoured to be involved.


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